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Suggested Uses

Our lights are great for a myriad of model projects. Below are a few of our light colors and the kinds of projects that they are perfect for.

For Model Railroads
• Clear Lenses – Headlights, Marker Lights, Class Lights
• Red Lenses – Marker Lights, • Classification Lights, Signal Lights
• Green & Amber Lenses – Marker Lights, Classification Lights
• Blue Lenses – Signal Lights (for Some Railroads)

Emergency & Military Vehicles
• Clear Lenses – Fog Lights, Searchlights
• Red & Blue Lenses – Emergency Lights
• Black Lenses – Military IR Lights

For Sidewinder & Falcon Missiles
• Clear Lenses – Infrared Seeker Lenses

For Aircraft
• Clear Lenses – Landing Lights, Taxi Lights

• Red & Amber Lenses – Military Aircraft Recognition Lights*
• Blue Lenses – US Navy & Army Aircraft Formation Lights**

For Helicopters
• Clear Lenses – Landing Lights, Search Lights

* Recognition lights were used on underside of starboard (right) wing on many US Navy and Army Air Force WWII fighter aircraft for signaling and on the underside of many US Army bombers.

** Blue lights are located on the topside of almost all US aircraft that fly in formation.