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Lights & Lenses for Scale Models

Add realism to your model with high-quality lights and lenses from M.V. PRODUCTS. We sell a line of realistic lenses that are available in a range of sizes and colors. Each lens comes fully assembled with a parabolic metal mirror mounted behind a solid lens made of hybrid epoxy. The design picks up and reflects all available light for a highly realistic effect.

OME SP Diesel with an MV Lens


Find the perfect color for anything from a military tank to an emergency vehicle. We offer everything from black to infrared. Colors include:

• Clear
• Red
• Amber
• Green
• Blue
• Black
• Infrared

Any Vehicle

Our lenses can be used for detailing any modeling project and are adaptable to any scale. They are perfect for:

• Trains
• Airplanes
• Steam Engines
• Diesel Trains
• Electric Trains
• Cabooses
• Passenger Cars
• Switch Stands
• Autos
• Trucks
• Fire Trucks
• Military Vehicles
• Police Vehicles
• Emergency Vehicles

Heat Resistant

The heat-resistant design means you can modify the lens for installation over an existing light source, such as a light bulb or tailpipe. Just make a starter hole with a pointed tool in the center of the metal backing and select the appropriate drill size using our handy reference chart.

You can also represent a scale bulb by drilling a hole approximately halfway through the lens. During power-on operation, the light will shine through the hole, resulting in the whole lens glowing with a bright center. Contact us for more tips and tricks.